Women – Celebrating Feminine Abundance

This colorful picture story is dedicated to the most creative creations of nature – The Women!Women

Our Chitralok artist Jignasa is a gifted photographer – her pictures are full of life and imagination.

In her artistic representation of the creative feminine abundance – Jigansa weaves a beautiful story about women and the society. The vastness of women emotions and depth of their love in a story that is as colorful as the nature has bestowed it with!

Encircling the circle of life – dancing to her tunes – the Creative Women!

She covers the entire radius of life filling it with celebrations and generosity of nature. In every role she plays in life – she gives herself fully to it – bestowing us with love, care and comfort!



She is like a laughter on a grief struck face, she is like hope of rain on a deserted land, she is like hopes pouring out of a window of a closed room..

She is like water flowing, jumping, gushing through springs, she is like a handful of tinkling bangles ringing in auspiciousness!


She is like the dancing feet – ever ready to step into any role, challenge, opportunity, difficulty, expectation that comes her way.  She is swift, vivacious, expressive and mysterious – an epitome of abundance and fertility!

So much about her fortunes that she showers for us – the same society ironically treats her unfair and shackles it with atrocities beyond pain, suffering and  loneliness!
The picture symbolizes life of a widow – the pain and the torture bears from society and her own family.



In a majorly male dominated society – women’s power and flexibility are often seen as her weakness and lack of self-respect. Instead of appreciating her contribution to their life men treat her as unequal and subject her to manipulate.

Her individuality is curbed under the name of societal behaviors associated with women – she is expected to be a coy, naïve, ever obliging demure puppet – who moves the way the men want to control her.

Their freedom is bartered for family pride, her rights are snatched away for making way for the male heirs of the family.

For all her creative expressions and the freedom that is born naturally with the prejudices of society never let her set free.


The country that worships Durga and embodies the infinite power of Shakti in an idol – daily manhandles and disrespects its mortal incarnation.

Women are a giver – giver of life, the source of all celebrations, center of all possibilities, she is the infinite multiplier – with whatever little is given to her she creates fortunes out of it!

The three hands representing the Universal Trinity – a divine union of – Creation, Creative Abundance and Divine Protection – each woman holds this power. Only for our misfortune, she is still sad, depressed and unsafe in the society that is only and only made because of Feminine generosity.

worships Durga

She is holding her wings only for the love of life she shares with her loved ones. Set her free, respect her little joys and see her flying high adding more colors to your life.

She is scared, she is captive, she is embarrassed of her natural beauty and it is the crude society that is responsible for this fate of Mother Nature aka The Women!

Beautiful Women , Beautiful World

Don’t cage her, don’t tag her – The picture beautifully coveys women wonder. All the hands she touches she adds her color to them – only to  left colorless and caged by the same hands!

Indian Women

Celebrating being a woman and sending love to all the Women – who irrespective of their age, religion, education are weaving the society together and  have eternally blessed this universe with their creativity, beauty, fertility, offerings and faith!

 *Story scripted/edited by Chitralok creative editor – Aditi Bhardwaj.

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