Wearing a wrong lipstick can lead you to a messy look!!

Find the formula for your perfect pout.

Generally, all women love wearing lipsticks. Every now and then, there are new trends and new colors of lipsticks launched. Many times we go to buy a lipstick, but then end up buying wrong lipstick and  not getting the exact one that was required. This is because, it is not about the color of the lipstick, but about the shade of that particular color that will look good on you. There are a variety of shades available for the same color of the lipstick. So, you need to find out the most appropriate shade of the color that makes you look more beautiful than ever.

Here’s how to take care of your lips with the right colors and textures.

Basically, while choosing a lip color, you must try it at the back of your hand to get an idea of the texture. These textures depend upon the formula of the lipsticks.

Here’s are a few common formulas found in lipsticks and their textures, so as to pick the right pout.


The kind of lip color that is mostly used by celebrities, these days with an intense color is “Matte”. Matte is pure color, with little or no shine. It looks beautiful on both fuller and thinner lips. Matte gives you a classy look, then ever due to its solid and rich texture and color.



These are popular among women who look for natural lustrous lips. The solid color with medium shine is what you get with an amplified formula lipstick. This is for those looking for a natural and light makeover.

kareena lips



Satin gives a full color with a glossy satin finish to your lips and make them more luscious. This is the best option for evening parties and ballrooms.

sonam luster


If you’re a fan of sparkling lips, “Lustre” is made for you. It can be a substitute for lip gloss as it provides a glossy shine with smooth color for more luscious lips. Fair colored women can go for nude shades in glossy touch with lustre formula, while wheatish and darker women should prefer bolder & brighter shades in lustre.

kareena luster


Are you looking for a bold glitter finish that gets you dressed more jazzy? Frost is the one for you! It provides medium hue with glittery and frosty texture on your lips and goes perfectly with a dazzling look.

Usually these are the formulas you’ll find in the stores you visit. Don’t forget to try them at the back of your hand, after reading the formula, so you get an idea if this is the lip color for you. So pout out this summer with the perfect lipstick on!!



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