Top 10 trending nail paint shades this summer!!

Being a girl, who does not like colouring her nails faithfully for every new updo. Everyone loves neatly coloured nails that matches their outfits or even contrasts. Every now and then, we see so many new shades of nail paints in fashion. So here we have jot down the trending colours for this summer/spring. This is a complete new collection and also the latest one. So girls, check this list out. Mark what you have or not, and get the new shades to your kitty.

 1. Red

No doubt, this is the safest option ever. With any costume, any attire, literally everywhere & anywhere you can go with this proudly. Red is the most classic colour of all the nail paints and will always give a fresh and elegant look. You need not to think much, whenever you are getting late for an outing or a party, just go with red. And yes, “RED” has purely many shades, out of which the safest and finest are the “apple red” and the “blood red”.

Top 10 trending nail paint shades this summer

2. Purple

These days people usually go with something different. And hence, “Purple” is the new in. This is new, trendy and stylish. This will surely give you a chic look.

purple nailpaintTop 10 trending nail paint shades this summer


3. Shades of Pink

“Pink” is almost every girl’s favourite shade. One and all prefers pink over any other colour, be it a shake or a cake or a nail paint itself. So, go for pink this summer.

Top 10 trending nail paint shades this summer

4. Pale Lavender

This is again one of those trendy and serene colours of nail paints that is loved by everyone.


5. Nude

The most cherished shade in line with fashion this summer. This is perfect for the working girls out there. This is safe and gives a tidy & classy look. But remember to choose the one, that matches your skin shade.


6. Turquoise

The fresh and vibrant shade of “Turquoise” attracts everyone’s eyes. This shade is quite raw and very much in trend just now.


7. Fluorescent/Neon shades

This one is absolutely new and upscale. For the day time outings this goes perfect, as these shade appeals to everyone’s eyes. In the bright sunshine these shades of orange, green & others gives a youthful look. These neon colours gives you a radiant appearance and also glows in the dark.

Top 10 trending nail paint shades this summer

8. Wine

For those elegant and exquisite evening parties or prom-nights, this is the suitable shade. This gives you a posh and delighted look.

wine nail paint

9. Golden and Silver

This is for those jazzy outfits and weddings, where you need to look zippy. This is the best option for those who are going to weddings or attending some prom nights wearing long gowns.



10. Mustard Yellow

This is a new colour this summer to play around with. A raw look is loved by all. This is so natural, gives you a perky look.


11. Navy Blue

Look at the hotness felt around!! This shows a perfect attitude and gives you bold look.


blue nailpaint

12. Grey

A very new and natural colour, that gives you a rough look. This is totally a unique shade and will look fresh as well as calm.


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