Tiger- Thy Might is Thy Plight!

Roaring in the wild with its head held high in pride of the royal beauty nature has bestowed it with – the big cat – with shining eyes and golden robe skin – that’s how I remember my earliest recognition of the mighty Tiger!

It’s only ironical that the mightiest animal from the wild is at perils of being minimalist in population. Tiger has always been awe for humans – look back at literature From Jungle book to Man eaters of Kumaon. Look back at history – artistically carved Phoenix at Egypt – a half animal half human to the legend of Narsingh – a similar half human half tiger incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  

From myths to Life of Pie we have seen footprints of tiger being recognized as an important part of every society, culture and religion.


Every life is precious and it is only a pity that owing to our human desires, irrational myths and fetishes we have been endangering life of so many other species of animals.

Captured here in the photographs is the story of a Tiger inhabiting in the Afamosa Zoo, Malaysia – captured in various moods.


The roaring beauty – awaiting its meal. I am wondering if this Tiger has ever been in the forests and perhaps each meal time it wonders what fun it was to hunt and feed thyself!




 Ready to pounce on food being provided his care takers. A daily routine this Tiger is used of. Look at his body language – the same arch of legs and sharp fixed eyes on the target – in the wild it would have been a live animal in the captives of resort is processed meat.











Spreading arms for food or declaring thy Might?












That’s a real small bite. What a mighty hunt would it have been – had it been left to itself?






Who is watching me having my meal? I hate intruders – not because I am arrogant but because I want my space of peace having a meat piece 😉


Sitting by the small water body and in a space designed quite well to mimic my natural habitat – what should I think of Humans?


Since a human would have been a threat to me the other committed to my safety and locked me here.

I can’t decide which life is better – the risky dangers of the free deep wild or the comforting life of captivity.

*Story scripted/edited by Chitralok creative editor – Aditi Bhardwaj.

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