Safest place on the Earth

Ananth  and his friends were on their search to capture blooming flowers in the neighborhood garden – when they met this cute baby girl.

Playing in her pram the child’s innocence caught the group’s attention and they decided to get her pictures– but this was no child’s play J

The toddler probably got scared of the zooming lens and muttering clicks of the camera – she immediately let out her cry for help – to her safest bodyguard – her mother –Shweta Ji.

Hey Anya – my honey – its ok” – uttered her mother taking her in the cradle of her arms and the cute angel started smiling once again – the scared look and tears melting in her wobbly smile frothing sugar bubbles!

“This was amazing – we just got to capture the best moment – a mother assuring her baby that she was safe in her arms and the child hugging her back with equal trust!

A shiver of love and warmth went down our spines. Indeed a mother’s warm hug is the safest place on the earth – irrespective of our age, needs and distances!” – Ananth .



Safest place on earth

Summarizing his experience Ananth brings to us a beautiful revelation.

Have you ever wondered why babies sleep better when we put them on a cradle or tap upon with a rhythm?

Well – here is an unusual experience that our lens men had and found answer to this –

He would invariably fall asleep when catching the football matches – the raving teams and intoxicated fans created such rhythmic romp on the field that Ananth would just doze off – never able to keep awake beyond 10 minutes of the game time.

On sharing his experience with his manager – he got a very thoughtful insight from him – when he apprised him that the trance that sounds create have a deep impact on the human body – making them succumb to the world of dreams!

As a fetus growing up in the mother’s womb we learn to comfort us with sounds like her heartbeat, blood flow and that is where our connection comes to a conclusion – Probably putting a baby to cradle is an effort to replicate the rhythm and frequencies never fully though!

Here is an ode to the safest place on the earth and the eternal soul guard!

To all the mothers and their sweethearts :)


*Story edited/developed by Chitralok creative editor – Aditi Bhardwaj.

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