Not just another outing !

Something’s are best left unplanned! “Our instant instinct to go on an unplanned weekend getaway to Langkawi Island, Malaysia – was a trip that made us have the best time of our life.  No idea of where we would stay, how the weather would be and what our destination would be we just decided to head for the Bus terminal and board the first bus leaving for any random place!”

Mayank Biyani takes us on a fun outing to Langkawi Islands with bunch of friends. A trip that started so beautifully unplanned and ended surprisingly pleasant!

Mayank can’t help his laughter as he narrates the story of this journey. In his own words – “It was a typical Thursday afternoon, I and my friends were lazing after a repetitious lunch and waiting to call it a day at work – when my buddy Kiran Itagi diverted our attention to the extended long weekend that was hours away to start. We had an office holiday on Friday and that with the weekend combined was awaiting us to get on to an unknown backpacking trip. Well so the minds got into action the gang of boys explored and suggested possible options of possible weekend getaways. Ideas poured in from exploring corners of Malaysia to Indonesia and even Thailand. We finally zeroed on Malaysia as our travel destination – which part of Malaysia was the obvious next challenge. So what was the plan? Well the mightiest of plan in true Bollywood style – let’s get on a road trip! We decided that we will head for the bus terminal and board the first bus leaving whatever be the destination!” Chitralok

While it sounds crazy – that was the only best possible options Mayank and his friends after exhausting their searches for possible available hotel rooms in possible vacation getaways. An instant decision to vacate the city of Kuala Lumpur for 3 days and explore the idea of basking in an ambiance of new sunshine by the sea in Langkawi Islands. Yes! The group soon found themselves travelling to Langkawi.

As the skyline of KL receded, the coast line of Langkwai extended a huge welcome to the Mayank and his friends. But this was no ordinary vacation – as unplanned it was from the very start it turned little more adventurous. Mayank continues “We reached the port of Alor store only to somehow manage a ferry to reach the Island. There in the halo of glowing sun – The big eagle spreading its might wings was upfront there to welcome us to the island.


Our experience got more exciting when we found that every accommodation was unreasonably overpriced. Well some people did foresee the long weekend and vacations coming up and so – they were prepared – high prices, no prior bookings and heat – we were reeling under an exhaustive Langkawi expedition. Thanks to our friend Rahul Sharma – we managed to get a good deal on bikes and there we started off amidst the heat of Langkawi – the hunt for hotels had started.

Like they say about the windy rains, it turns up when you don’t really expect it. In a moment the shining sun took a break behind the clouds and the rain god blessed us with the welcome shower, wow! Wasn’t that amazing, the start of your vacation and rain god himself to welcome you! 

All cheerful and revitalized by drenching ourselves in the rains; Rains provided us with new enthusiasm and added a different fervor in our moods. Langkawi

So, well the goodtime had started! Eventually, the group found a hotel with an amazing view of sea. To our awe we met many a fellow Indians vacationing on the island. We shared pleasantries with local and new people and savored aromatic and tasty food in the local restaurants.

From Babylon’s emphatic night club to the beauty of Langkawi outskirts, from island hopping to go-karting race on a 1.2 KM track, from high list of shopping to bustling markets of Langkawi – you name it and Mayank and his friends had all the fun and frolic in those 3 days of their  instinctive trip.

So, you think this is the end? Hold on fellas! Picture abhi baki hai mere dost 😉 The group missed their bus back to Kuala Lumpur… So what happens next? The group waits for the next bus or they do something as crazier as they had been up to since the beginning of their unique vacation? Picture this – A taxi driving at a storming speed of 100 km/hr – in the taxi are the mavericks of our story – Mayank and his friends – rushing through the highway road to catch up for the bus they have missed! Rings a bell? To us it sounds just like a scene out of the famous movie Jab We Met!

Langkawi So as the group eventually returned smelling of the sea waves and sands in their pockets – a bustling city awaited to listen to a story about fun, friendship, experience and memories that will now be cherished by the group for a lifetime! “It was a wonderful experience; we were prepared for the unprepared. This just happened when we expected them not to be happening. Craziness can be unlimited fun if you have friends like mine!” Signs off a smiling Mayank. Chitralok

“When I look back at these 3 days, I often introspect on the idea of just doing things and not thinking of consequences. In our busy lives, we have politely ignored the idea of doing something which we think is crazy, like going to an unplanned vacation, a midnight ice scream scoop, an early morning sunrise with a camera in our hand, walking on the shore with the love of your life, drenching in the rains, surprising your loved ones when they never expected it. But as we grow, comfort takes more space in our lives and we forget to cherish life in smaller yet veritable ways!”

So let’s go out today and do something that your heart tells – follow your instinct and forget about planning – as having no plan is a good plan!   I hope you loved travelling with the group – share your experiences of reading this true Bollywood style story. To friends, friendship, to craziness and to a lifetime experience – that shouts – 

“So do what you want to do be what you want to be live how you want to live if you want to be free then you’re going to be free so say what you want to say hear what you want to hear live how you want to live if you want to be then you’re going to be free….”

Special thanks to my friend Neeraj Khandelwal for the amazing photographs :)

* Story edited by Chitralok creative editor – Aditi Bhardwaj!.

Mayank Biyani

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