Life of a Tree!

Hello everyone, today is my last day on the mother earth. It has been an extra-ordinary journey I have been through on this planet. I never got a chance to express my emotions towards you, so let me bid you all a farewell before I call it a life !

The days, when I was a baby and short of fertilizers and water, few elderly people provided me with nourishment and their grace,  unwavering affection and affinity making up for best memory of my childhood.

Life of a Tree

When you were kids, I saw you coming and playing around me, feeling tired and taking that deep breathe & lying down under my shadow. The fight to catch the tiniest available space I covered on ground gave me a feeling of being a mother, who always tries to cover her children with all she has.

When you grew up, you got your loved one to me away from this materialistic world to attain seclusion & express your feelings in its purest form. Though, you were able to hide her from the whole world you allowed me to witness your adoring moments, making me a friend whom you trust beyond eternity.

At times, you fought with your better half and came to me, sitting for hours not speaking not looking at each other, that silence really worried me. But when I dropped a flower in between you both, you hugged each other with tears of joy making me realize the beauty of being for each other.

You grew old in front of me and came here to share your beautiful journey of life recollecting each and every day spent. You gave me the pleasure of being your kid who forgot to ask you what made your life as beautiful as it appeared. You are my hero; your journey inspired me each day!

Like all you beautiful humans, I was in love when nature showered its love on me in the form of rain; I waved my branches round and round to express my love for nature. I had tears in my eyes when you came to me and noticed my emotions enjoying the fresh air which I poured on you. I felt like my family was part of my happiness.

I have no regret, I had a wonderful life. You all made me a part of your lives, made my presence gracious on all occasions. I am proud to say, I lived a beautiful life. At the same time, few of my friends, my cousins, my mates became part of your needs. You had to sacrifice my being to fulfill the wants of society. Being for it, I felt like a warrior who did not care to sacrifice his life to serve his family.

However, all I want to request is, don’t put an axe on me, let me live. I am unknowingly one among you, part of things you do.  Let the nature take me away, I would be proud to go away with love of my life, one day!  :)

Mayank Biyani

Mayank Biyani is a software professional, semi-professional writer and beloved poet. His writing includes short stories, mystical poetries and often fundamental assertions via regular blogging . Mayank likes to read, conceptualize stories and bring characters to life.

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