Home away from home

For every girl who gets married and settles down into her own new household, which is so called “Home away from home”. This one is especially dedicated to all my dearies, who love Indian cuisine & miss home made or street food from their hometown. There are people who move abroad or shift to another city, but fail to enjoy the pleasure of their mum’s culinary skills. And there comes the best part of it, you call your mom asking for the recipes and the ingredients, every time you cook a new dish.

In recent times I came across a bunch of YouTube channels that teaches you the recipes for Indian dishes. Here are a few personal favorites listed down, that will be of great help if you are interested in cooking some mouth-watering Indian delicacies including snacks, desserts, curries, breads and all the cuisines including south Indian as well as North Indian specialties.

Nisha Madhulika


She is one of the most popular chefs online. The YouTube channel named “Nisha Madhulika” features all types of vegetarian Indian recipes including the authentic home made pickles, chutneys, sweet-dishes, cakes, biscuits and many more. All the curry recipes are so much similar to our mom’s kitchen that you cannot resist trying these with the simple easy steps demonstrated. Another great thing is that the recipes are all instructed in Hindi.


Saffola Fit Foodie


Another YouTube channel that gives you the full bandwidth of cooking dishes & eventually taking care of your health and taste at the same time. Here you can find all the chaat’s, snacks and curry recipes with a twist of healthy ingredients. They make sure that the same dish with the same or may be more delicious taste can be cooked with healthier ingredients. They also have a fit foodie meter, that calculates the nutritional level of dishes after cooking.


Rajshri Food


As their motto says-‘Great food is now a click away!’. They have a wide range of varieties in mocktails, Italian dishes, Chinese dishes, Mexican dishes, Indian curries, cakes, mousses, salads and many more delicious preparations. This channel has the widest variety of options and cuisines that you can think of trying at home.


Give them a try guys.. For me they were big Saviour’s initially 😛 !!!

Shruti Gupta

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