Chitralok – The world of speaking pictures!

We at Chitralok are a group of lens men who want to create a community of fellow photographers to showcase their artwork – photos that do the talking!

Add a story to your pictures – let us read your mind and appreciate your creativity. It is said in a photographers mind a million thoughts run before they shoot a single click. Ours is an artistic attempt to sew these thought threads together and weave a linen embodied in colours, experiences, muses and just sweet nothings.


Chitralok’s entire canvas has been created from photo stories that have been written by people like you and us. So all you shutterbugs – this is your space to fill it up with all your creativity – share your clicks and weave in the story – we’d love to publish your photographs!

Frame it. Shoot it. Share it.

Welcome to Chitralok – a world that looks just the way you want to see it as!

Capture us @ [email protected]