Floating Lights

Neeraj Khandelwal a travelling freak he is – got to capture this amazing view while vacationing in Thailand.

An experience he describes as “This was when the sky was lit with floating lanterns – a majestic new year’s evening – when people gathered across Ao Nang beach, Thailand – with a mission – to send their prayers, hopes, desires to the heavens and welcome a prosperous New Year 2013!”

At the stroke of the midnight a fleet of wishful messages were set to float in between the starlight sky and deep dark sea. The beach was full of gleeful people – cheering to a new start – a new year – that was set on sail by people – a sail to their hopes and dreams coming true.

As Neeraj and his friends witnessed this startling moment – their eyes shone bright with dwindling paper lanterns lit up by lights all over!


Note: This photograph is not taken by Neeraj, he has attached this here to see it for ourselves the magic he was lucky to get a real time view of!

In the corner somewhere Neeraj captured this moment – An old lady and her granddaughter soaking in all the joys and counting their blessings seeing the lantern lit by them floating swiftly and rising higher and higher. Floating lights – floating joys – floating wishes – on every face!

This is an awesome reflection of how we all have wishes and hopes and how we crave to have all of them fulfilled.

The legend goes – Releasing a Thai lantern brings good luck – wading away all misfortune!

Wishing you lantern full of prosperity and de-lightful years of Floating lights – camera and capture :)

Floating Lights



* Story edited/developed by Chitralok creative editor – Aditi Bhardwaj.

Neeraj Khandelwal

A self-taught photographer from Jaipur (India) and currently living in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Neeraj practices the trade as a hobby. He claims everything he knows about photography is from magazines, friends an online articles. A curiosity whenever he saw a telling photograph, thinking what could have been the story behind it, how beautifully it portrays the emotions, or how good is the frame composition… from basic intrigue, it grew to be an obsession. Anytime he sees something amazing, the first thoughts are: “Okay, how would this look in a frame?” What Neeraj also loves is go out and explore new places. But of course, capturing those new things remains a part and parcel of it.

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