Embodying Ganesha – A new prayer of hope!

Ganesha is widely worshipped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune and traditionally invoked at the beginning of any new venture or at the start of travel.

God Ganesh 1

Every year Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated to rejoice the birth of King of all the Gods.

Ganesh Chaturthi starts with the installation of these Ganesh statues in colorfully decorated homes and specially created temporary structures called Mandaps or Pandals in every locality. The pandals are decorated specially for this festival, either by using decorative items like flower garlands, lights, etc. or are theme based decorations, which depict religious themes or current events.

God Ganesh 3

                                                                                      Celebrating Prosperity


In this new post from Chitralok content creator Aditi Bhardwaj – she takes us on a walk across the many facets of Lord Ganesha and how she sees his persona in the world we live in today.
The images of Lord Ganesha have been clicked randomly by Jignasa Jadwani – as she hopped pandals and streets during Ganesh Chaturthi.
In this interesting write up both our creative partners bring about a colorful and lively display of many images of Lord Ganesha and what lessons we can learn from his persona!



Drenched in the colors of life and celebrations people from all sects of society come together and sing to the praises of the destructor of all evils. Praying for longevity, success, good health and wealth – people offer their prayers and gratitude to the Almighty Ganesha.

God Ganesh 2

The Mighty Ganesha’s Feet

This picture reflects the magnitude of grand idols that are made each year for Ganesh Chaturthi. It is widely believed that wherever Ganesha steps his feet – the impossible becomes possible, all obstacles are erased and success comes flowing.

God Ganesh 5

Another colorful picture of Bal-Ganesh

While our religious texts tell us different stories about Lord Ganesha – About him being the majestic child of Shiva and Parvati to him writing the Mahabharta as Ved Vyasa recited the epic story.

Lord Ganesha and his entire persona in today’s world bring about significance – In the world oh! So struck by grief, anger and greed. Ganesha beings forward a personality we all need to carry –

The Huge Body

His big and huge body reflects us to have power and strength to fight any physical abuse that comes our way – making us able to protect not only ourselves but also those around us.

The Elephant Head

His elephant Head signifies us to have a sharp memory like an elephant – A mind that remembers kindness and faith shown to us by people and forever remember those who have helped us in good and bad times. In testing and competitive times like today – we are often driven by greed and indifference. Thus keeping our morals grounded and wisdom alive is a very important trait to be endorsed.


His favorite sweet Modak – Moda – means bliss and ka means a small part. Signifying the importance of having a part of bliss in our life while savoring the happiness that come from doing and receiving good.

The modak also symbolizes spiritual knowledge Spirituality; one should realize the vastness of spiritual healing through meditation a very important tool to handle pressures and anxiety.

A modak is sweet in taste. The Bliss acquired through spiritual knowledge too is like that – sweet and vast.

God Ganesh 4


Ankush (Goda)

The Goda or Ankush is the Destroyer of negative energies – we need to exercise a vigil against staying away from negative tendencies and energies.


The Noose symbolizing worldly bondage the universal brotherhood. Humanity and ethos of equality are a must for us to succeed as individuals and create a better world for us and our future generations.


The serpent on his Waist symbolizes the coil of psychic energy that lies at the base of our spine. The serpent is the sign of freedom too – in Hindu mythology snakes are often related to freedom – as they cannot be tamed – a freedom from suffocating and outdated beliefs and practices, freedom to let go off false egos and freedom to stand up for what is right and fight the wrong.



The rat – Lord Ganesha’s vehicle of transport signifies Lord Ganesha’s ability to go into nooks and corners of the world and do his job as the Destroyer of Obstacles. A rat being his vehicle can slither through tiny holes and narrow pathways, even in the darkness of night. This gives the quality of all-pervasiveness to Ganesha.God Ganesh 6

We thus need to have the vehicle of an open thinking and education – always carrying us to slither through tiny and narrow pathways of societal evils. In the darkness of social evils where we live among fears of assaults, physical and sexual harassment, gender discrimination, communal rights and an endless range of corruption and sickening crimes – the vehicle of knowledge and education is the only ray of hope!

Hail to Ganpati Bappa as he is fondly called – he comes every year to our homes and goes back after spending 10 days with us.

This year let’s make a new prayer –

Please O! Lords of lord let your enchanting personality be absorbed by us forever and may we welcome you as better and more powerful human beings when you come visiting us next time. May this be a better, safer and happier place to honor and worship your holy thyself!


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