Disneyland- Where childhood comes alive.

Dreams come true!! Illusions do exist in the material universe!!

Since childhood everyone built castles in the air of meeting their favorite Disney stars. While watching our stars on the television, we usually used to ask our mothers of- “when are we going to meet them” or “where do they exist”?  Since then I had been wool gathering about all these questions and a lot more about my dearie characters!! And then, years passed away, but the questions remained unanswered. Also with time, many of my queries faded away from my psyche and I grew up!! But as they say-“What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever”.

To my surprise, my husband has planned a holiday to Honkong & Macau on our first wedding anniversary. The day when I came to know that we will be going to Disneyland, I kept on daydreaming all the time to meet my favorite Disney stars. For the first day of the trip, we visited few beautiful tourist spots of Hongkong. And then, finally the day has arrived. With all pretty dreams and lost in my own thoughts, we headed towards “DISNEYLAND”.



It was a bright sunny day as usual and we were travelling to Disneyland by the metro train (the local means of ecstasy). I was extremely curious to know many facts about the Disney’s and to conform to them in person, but I restrained myself quiet and did not speak much. Once I reached my world of dreams, I was really dumbfound by looking at the gigantic avenue written “HONGKONG DISNEYLAND” at the top. That was it and “There we left today & entered the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy”. We enrolled the hallucinatory world of our childhood.

IMG_5447The Disneyland is divided into seven themed areas namely- Main Street U.S.A., Fantasyland, Adventureland, Towmorrowland, Mystic point, Toy Story Land and Grizzly Gulch. All the themed sections have peculiar activities going around all day long simultaneously. My favourite was the “Fantasyland” where I met the real Disney characters. I could not believe my eyes having seen those cute adorable disney’s standing in front of me for whom I had been dreaming to meet all my life. I met Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Winnie –The Pooh, Frozen Princess, Cinderella, The sleeping beauty, Rapunzel and all my fantasy world actors. It was like a dream come true. It was an aura full of childhood memories and those treasured television shows ran through my intellect. I was overjoyed and my heart filled with exuberance. Every Cartoon character was dressed in their legitimate costumes. For me it was like a feeling of heaven.IMG_5631


We boarded few rides in the Adventureland and also took a tour of the jungle river cruise. We also attended some extraordinary shows including “Festival of the lion king”, “It’s a small world” and many more. Every single activity has a story and excellence of its own. The day was passing by and very soon it was time for the final firework show over the sleeping beauty castle. Everyone walked towards the Main U.S.A. Street to not to miss the grand glittering firework show. The firecrackers show was phenomenal.

And that was it!! It was a day full of delight, amusement, surprises and joy.  The day has come to an end, but not my inquisitiveness. This experience will always be remembered in my sweet memories.


Shruti Gupta

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