Completed 5 years in the same company that you joined as a Fresher? Advice for you.

When you complete or about to complete 5 years in the same company that you joined as a fresher, there so many questions which comes in your mind and you don’t know whether you should stay or should leave that company.

Balaji Viswanathan, Product Manager at a Venture funded startup, wrote an advice on this topic.

The company with which you spend a sizable amount of time at the start of your career will often define you, for good or for worse. You will learn good and bad practices that are often hard to unlearn in the future. That company’s brand will rub off on you and its connections last for a long time.

A lot of us make the decision to join on mere salary levels seeing ourselves as some sort of livestock put for trade at the bazaar. Some even decide Company X vs. Company Y based on a few thousand rupees. That is “penny wise and pound foolish”, as those few thousand rupees [or dollars or pounds] does not matter in the long term – it is the pace of career growth that matters the most as a fresh hire. At a good company with a good manager and adequate learning, you can easily outpace the earnings in a poor company in a few years. Remember, no one has ever gotten rich on mere salaries. It is the growth in skills, leadership and risk taking that will bring you riches. Thus, don’t lose sleep over salaries.


If the company has a good reputation, then it is best to stick with it as long as you get increasingly challenging assignments. The worst that could happen to you at the start of your career is not you getting low salaries, but getting stuck in a dead-end place with no opportunity for growth and no challenge to overcome. Salary is quite irrelevant and thus if you keep getting challenging assignments and able mentorship, stick with your first job for a long enough time.

At the end of your first year, make a call on the growth potentials for your career at the company. Ignore the salary [as long as you are not paid below poverty levels] and see how much the job energizes you. If you can grow and learn, stick on. If not, look for a better place and look to start over. There is no point sticking around for too long at a bad company.

So, guys!! Stop running after money. Take a wise decision, based on your learning and growth in the current organization.

Stay or Leave.


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