Colorful Sunrise


Each sunrise brings a new opportunity and this incredible morning did bring in an opportunity for Anupkumar Ghatnatti   to capture the richest colors of nature’s pallet – blue serenity sparkling in gold of sun!

Sunrays hiding behind the hues of cloudy sky – floating calmly over the deep sea on Redang Island.

In Anup’s own words it is rare that he gets a motivation to be up at this wee hour but missing out on opportunity to capture the melting moment of sun drowning in the sea – the shadow play at the sunset the other evening; he well quite made up for that in the morning!

And Voila! What a better way to compensate!


colorful sunrise


He caught the wandering clouds flirting with blushing and gushing waves!

His lens got to capture the colorful sunrise-a picturesque view of calm sea soaking the reflections of wandering clouds!

Anup further adds that walking by the cold sand on the beach was an amazing experience for him –he literally never had a dull moment while shooting this nature’s shadow play through his camera.

If we ponder a moment and look back at many mornings that we might have missed on – caught in life’s dizzying madness – this picture brings us a sweet realization and fuels the motivation to look forward to each morning as our opportunity to make a refreshing new start.

After all it is the Horizons that bring us the faith –

“Let yourself greet your possibilities – for there is a place where the seas meet the skies!”

*Story edited/developed by Chitralok creative editor – Aditi Bhardwaj.

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