Children – Cute and Innocent

“Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.” – Anonymous

Whoever said this was probably a person like me and like you – perhaps like all of us who see the light of life in smiling innocent face of children.

Childhood is that precious time of our life – where no worries, no competition and no limitations seem to bother us. It is truly a time which we do not completely remember but yes it is joyous and cherished enough by us to have it back.

Anup in his captures of the cute and effervescent childhood takes us on a journey – reminding us of childhood, the innocence of children and the sheer joys of being able to be a kid and no one actually asking are you kidding :)

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737429_260506497411519_2137444249_oQuoting the irony of life that how eagerly we wished to grow up when were children  and wanting its every moment back when we have actually grown up – Anup through these beautiful pictures make us smile and walk along with the carefree, naughty, imaginative, hopping and ever jovial children – caught doing best they do – having fun!

Each one of the child in the pictures below has his/her own expressions and their own story to tell. They seem to want to break free, break the rules of the game called life and still be happy.


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Unlike adults the word No is not a dilemma to think whether they should or should not do what they want – for children it is a signal that may be there is a possibility and they better explore it 😉

Here in the shots below –  Anup’s album makes us read the spontaneous expressions of children – each unique and suggestive of their hidden naughtiness, deep joys, eyes seeking acceptance, smiles bringing smiles, body gestures commanding universal love be showered and faces full of life and divine calmness.

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For children happiness is staining in mud and building sand castles by the sands. It is about jumping and dancing – it is about going running towards their loved ones and spread their arms seeking surrender and shelter – their own unique way of seeking forgiveness and imparting impartial abundant love!











Anup summarizes his experience of working with children as an ultimate ode to Almighty’s most beautiful creation. He has felt a close connection with all these kids – who he believes are not only spoken in their sweet words but also in their expressions and gestures – even before they learn to speak. He adds –

“Childhood and its innocence are the most pure form of eternal Divinity. I wish this miracle of God make us feel ever grateful to life and the charm keeps enchanting us!”


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* Story edited/developed by Chitralok creative editor – Aditi Bhardwaj.

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