Childhood…A merry go round!

Life often gives us those moments that make us recollect our past and dig in the time which we thought made us more complete, more vibrant and more of a person we see our self today. Everyone has had their own share of Goosebumps that made up for the best days of their life. Many may call it college, few may call it the immense pleasure of getting into your first job, some would surely call it the time with first girlfriend but I am sure most of us will emotionally link to our childhood, yeah childhood! The days when we always got out the best things coz we never really measured what best was, everything we had was just best!

Childhood...A merry go round

I want to be a child again. If given the time back, I would like to grow up again and enjoy my childhood days. Did we ever think why we keep on singing this jingle? Why do we associate so closely to our childhood? Rich or poor, small or big, happening or not so happening, each one of us have had our time when we were able to set ourselves free. Yes, childhood is the time of our simplicity, the time when we had wings to fly, the time when we were able to change our dreams every single day, the time when we possessed high energy, that everlasting enthusiasm and probably all the quaint reasons to remain naïve and fearless :)


I still remember my greatest childhood aspiration and my parents greatest fear, when will I grow up, would I ever? Today, I wish I never grew up, the fear of failure in moral science was much more humble then the fear of failure in social science, the attitude of I look dashing in whatever I wear was far more riveting then what everyone thinks of me if I wear something not so cool. From the audacious to the guarded, from the notorious to the conscious; age slowly starts taking on us, the slower we want it to progress, the faster it runs. I had promised myself when I was younger, I would stay the same obnoxious, immature and stubborn kid but when I got older, it didn’t happen. Right or wrong, there were all the reasons for a change to assimilate myself better in this ever changing world!

Childhood chitralok

Today, probably we are in the best position to see what we did right during our childhood. As we grow we take up new challenges, we set new goals, new hobbies and so many things around that we tend to forget our tenderness. The playing of cricket without stumps and fighting over every single ball, the pranks with your cousins, a dinner date with your parents, meeting old friends and talking all the stuff that made us reinvent and rejuvenate, the determination to do better in your passion and the only dream that one day I will grow and become…! Yes we have grown up and we cannot do all our childhood activities with the same pace and agility like we did it years back. Does that really mean that the spark is lost? No, we definitely can give our routine life the flavor of our childhood. Life can be surprising, but do we dare to surprise us? We, a group of friends just took a day off and went to the coast, revisiting our childhood we played cricket and spend time playing in sand, making those sand homes and incurring the ultimate pleasure in dashing the other sand structures around, the fun in lashing yourself in water and throwing your body in the waves.  It was something else, something we don’t discover in partying or driving high speed cars but it was equally enthralling giving a feeling of nostalgia and much needed break from an otherwise mechanical life.

Childhood Chitralok

Today is the time to walk that extra mile and make ways doing things in more simple ways, like we did in our childhood. After all, there is no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes!



Mayank Biyani

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