“An Artistic Mind” – Behind The Bolt Circle

In these simple yet solid images Dhruv shares a story that one could easily pass off as a daily routine with no attention at all to the events.

Dhruv caught the creative imprints of a young boy who came visiting his shop of Spare Parts of Trucks accompanied by his father.

Absorbed in thoughts Dhruv was creating his own vision on the spare parts giving them shapes of split pins and spring washers. He senses a set of eyes preying on his designs from a distance – a young boy grinning and observing him.

As Dhruv passed a bolt to him – the kid set his artistic mind in action. Within minutes emerged the bolt circle – his face in steep contrast to the metal wheel.


The boy told Dhruv that he works in a nearby garage along with his father. Here is a glimpse of this small meeting between Dhruv and the garage boy – captured in such livid images!


1-1-behind the shot artistic mind-001

When I saw the pictures a bolt of thought struck through my mind – these tiny hands – with the circle of bolts – a young boy at such tender ages working on a garage – what will the wheel of fortune turn for him?


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