15 powerful herbs and spices that can change your life

Yes, it’s true that these routine herbs and spices if included in our everyday meals can fight against diseases, as dangerous as Cancer. All of these are found in our kitchen shelves and most of them are the ingredients of our everyday meals. Till date we only used them as a part of the dishes we cook, to please our taste buds. Mentioned below are some serious health benefits of these “Masala’s, veggies and seeds”.

1. Cinnamon

Known as “Dalchini” in Hindi, Cinnamon mostly talked about its medicinal properties. It can reduce blood sugar levels & lower the risk of heart diseases. It also lowers the bad cholesterol levels and helps in digestion.

The easiest & quickest way to include “Cinnamon” in your routine is to add a pinch of it in the dishes you cook and also in the morning/evening tea.



2. Turmeric

“Haldi” (in Hindi) is known for its quality of an antiseptic agent. It is a great antioxidant and works against cancer cells in the human body. It stops the growth of cancer as well as tumor building cells in the human body. Another magical power that “Turmeric” has, is to maintain the weight of your body. It is also a natural blood purifier and fights against ulcers, cold, cough & also skin diseases. It is added in face packs as it gives a glow to skin.

The best way to include this to your meals is to add “turmeric” in curries and dishes.



3. Cloves

Laung(in Hindi) is a stress buster. Yes, correct!!  This is the reason that in ancient days, people used it as a main ingredient while preparing tea. It reduces stress & known for relief in toothaches. It gives you relief when feeling pukish or nausea & can also fight against bad breath.



4. Ginger

The most popular “Adrak ki chai” is a favorite drink of all, especially in India. Ginger reduces sore throat, relieves gastric troubles, helps in lowering cholesterol levels & also boosts metabolism. It also keeps your body cells away from cancer.


5. Mint

Mint leaves are best known for its strong flavor. Because of its fresh aroma, it is a major ingredient of many fresh beverages & mocktails. Mint is also heart friendly and also deals with skin irritations. Another benefit of mint leaf is whitening of teeth.

fresh mint leaves on a wooden background


6. Carom seeds

Ajwain(in Hindi) is a natural agent to fight against indigestion. It is used by both kids & adults to aid in faster digestion. The best way to include it in Indian meals is to add a half teaspoon of carom seeds in the dough while preparing chapattis.



7. Flaxseed

This is the most powerful plant foods on this planet. This helps fight against cancer, heart diseases & diabetes too. It contains the highest levels of omega-3 acids that are extremely important for human body. It gives your body a lot of strength to handle & battle against the most serious diseases of all times.



8. Saffron

Not only a flavoring agent, but “Kesar” also fights against tumors and cancer. The best way to indulge saffron leaves in your routine life is to add 2 threads of “Kesar” in your daily glass of milk.

safran. herbs and spices


9. Basil

The popular “Tulsi” leaves- the traditional herb used in most of the Indian houses. This is a natural cure for arthritis, respiratory disorders, lowering sugar levels & blood pressure, skin infections, cold, fever & many more. Basil leaves when taken regularly, also sharpens the memory.

Medicinal holy basil or tulsi leaves on a mortar with pestle

10. Fenugreek seeds

Methi” is known for its medicinal properties and for flavoring the Indian curries. Fenugreek seeds help in lowering cholesterol levels, diabetes & gastric problems. Also, this is a main ingredient of many hair masks as it fights against dandruff.



11. Bay leaf

Bay leaf is a home remedy for swelling, sprains, bronchitis, arthritis & for hair growth. Bay leaf is a natural drug for hair fall & dandruff.

bay leaf

12. Amla/Indian gooseberry

Amla is definitely a well known remedy for hair growth. There are many hair products available in the market that have major portions as “Amla“. Amla hair oil is used vastly in India for long hair. Another major quality of Indian gooseberry is that, it reduces the bad cholesterol levels & promotes the growth of good cholesterol in the human body.


13. Coriander seeds

“Dhaniya Powder” is a home remedy for fever, cramping & lowering the cholesterol levels. Also, this is used to cure bad breath. Two tablespoons of this powder mixed with a glass of water if taken every morning, can cure a lot of diseases.


14. Asafoetida

Hing is widely used in India as a flavoring agent in Indian dishes. It is used to treat bloating in both adults & kids, for ear aches & healing tooth aches.


15. Curry Leaf

Curry leaf is used extensively as a seasoning agent in many south Indian dishes & snacks. It helps increase metabolism, breathing & reduces cholesterol levels.





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