14 advertisements and their tag lines that are cherished since childhood!!

Those good old days, when there was plenty of time to watch tv. And waiting for our favorite tv show was the best job. The much waited tv shows and those crazy advertisements in between. It was so much fun watching those advertisements as well. Those funny tag lines and the crazy characters in them. As they say- “No matter what happens, some memories can never be replaced”. So here is a memory lane of all those ever cherished and treasured tv advertisements. Nobody can stop watching all these videos again and again!! Non-stop fun!!


1. Uncle Chips

The famous tag line “Bole mere lips, I love Uncle Chips”. This is awesome!!


2. Lifebuoy

The famous tag line- “Lifebuoy hai jaha tandoorusti hai waha”. What a memory!!

3. Bajaj

The famous tag line- “Humaraa Bajaj”. Remids of those good old days!!

5. Action Shoes

The famous tag line-“Action ka school time”.


6. Nirma

The famous tag line- “Sondarya sabun Nirma, Sondarya sabun Nirma”.

7. Jhandu Baam

The Famous tag line- “Jhandu baam , jhandu baam, peeda haari baam”.

8. Vicks

The famous tag line- “Vicks ki goli lo, khich khich dur karo”.


9. Onida

Nobody can forget that wicked face of Onida man. lol!!


10. Vicco

The famous tag line- “Ayurvedic jadi-butiyo se bana sampurn swadesi”.


11. Nirma Washing Powder

The famous tag line- “Dudh si safedi Nirma se aaye, rangeen kapda bhi khil khil jaaye”.


12. Sundrop Oil

The famous tag line- “A healthy oil for healthy people!!”.


13. Dhara Oil

The famous cute and charming “jalebi” boy!!


14. Feviquick

You can’t stop laughing while watching this one!!

15. Amul

The famous tag line- “Amul-The taste of India”.

So, which one is your favourite?

Shruti Gupta

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