10 types of students found in every class of a college!!

“College” is considered as the best phase of life. This is the time when we have friends, money (not much, but enough to spend). This is the time when we meet new people from different places, different cultures and everyone has some or the other unique talent in themselves. After school, we enter to our much awaited phase of the life. In every class you will find different types of amazing students. Let’s have a look at all in brief!!

1. Toppers

They are the ones who are responsible for making the class pride. These are the most studious students. They are called the “PADAKU” of the class. They are always surrounded by books and are mostly the first benchers. Teachers love them as they always do what they wish and students hate them because they are never ready for a bunk.

2. Guests

Some of the students come occasionally, like on Holi, Diwali. That too just to refresh their mind as they never attend classes. They don’t come to class regularly still the teachers know them very well. They are always ready with good excuses and somehow manages to escape their name from “debar” list.

3. Don

Every class has one “Don” in it. The one who is responsible for all the bunks and the mischief in the class. All the students are under their terror always. Nobody even thinks of arguing with them. All students and even teachers know them very well. They are always ready to solve problems of others. He is the “BHAI” of class.

4. Love Birds

Every class has a couple who is always found together. They sit together, they eat together & they even study together. Everyone teases them for this & even teachers make them fun. They are the most happening personality in the class.

5. Fashion Queen

Every class has one fashion queen, who is always ready with new trends. All the other girls in the college keep on following and copying her fashion. She is the heartthrob of the class & the attention seeker of all. She has the best bags, clothes and accessories.

6. Bunking Master

There is one guy in every class who is always ready for bunks. He is responsible for all the bunks. He somehow manages to convince all other students to escape out of the class without any problem.  He is the “JUGADU “ of the class.

7. Chatter Box

The gossip queen of the class. This girl has the information about all the students, teachers, lab assistants, parents of students and even the students from other colleges. This girl can’t keep any secrets and that’s why keeps on talking during all the lectures. If you have a crush on someone, then she is the best option to tell, she will spread this news like anything. She has the biggest fan following in the college. She is known as the “JOURNALIST” of the class.


8. Obedient Student

This is the student who’s always sitting quietly in the corner of the class with all the answers and all the submissions ready on time. He might not be known to the teachers, but he is the most wanted person among students. This is because everyone copies his assignments & that too on the last day of submission.

9. Doubt Boy

This guy is always ready with a number of questions. He is always standing on the gate waiting for the teacher to enter the class and as soon as the teacher enters, he starts bouncing his questions one by one.

10. Unknown Guy

Some students are in so inactive state that their presence is never felt. All the time teachers considers them as new student.


Simpi Arora

Simpi Arora

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