10 things you must do in college days!!

“College” is the most memorable time of the life. You make lifetime friends, even enemies, you enjoy your life to its fullest, you do what you like to do. Because after this period, everyone gets busy on his own set of life, aspiring and running after his dreams. If you have not done these 10 things in your college, then you have wasted time in college.

1. Having a crush

There is no list of crushes that you have in college time.

2. Bunking Classes

This is among the most important and common activities that you must do in college, otherwise you have missed something big time.

3. Night Outs

Enjoying those nights out’s at a friend’s house or bike rides at late night is a treat to the soul. lolz!!


4. Participate in Fresher’s/ Farewell party

The best platform in the college to be known by everyone, is to participate in college functions.


5. Valentine’s day

Proposing to your crush on valentine’s day is a must in this to-do list.

6. Attend fest’s of other colleges

Enjoying in the college festivals of other colleges and participating in their activities.

7. Going on trips with friends

This is the best time to hang out with friends and these memories will be cherished a lifetime.

8. Disco

Going to disc and dancing all night long, gives ample of joy.

9. Spending time with your love

You can’t stop yourself, spending this quality time with your loved one.

10. Last minute studies

This is most familiar to all the college students.

Shruti Gupta

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