10 things every Indian woman is expected to wear after getting married!!

The Indian woman is known for her class, elegance and dignity. She is pure like water, simple like a flower bud and determined. She is the coolest chick in college, a lovely colleague in office, a best friend to her mother, a perfect companion to her husband and for the other phases of life also, she proves her perfection in all the fields. Once she gets married, according to the traditions, she adopts all the new rule book in her routine. There are a few jewels that almost every Indian wife is expected to wear while going out after her wedding. Here are a few of them listed below, have a look!!

1. Saree

“Saree” is the most common Indian costume, that every girl is expected to wear after she gets married, even if she is comfortable with this or not.



2. Earrings

You are expected to wear some pretty earrings that match your outfit.

3.  Bindi

This one comes amongst the most important ones.

4. Mangal-Sutra

The neckpiece that resmbles the strong bond between you and your husband.

aish mangal


 5. Sindoor

This is the necessary one. This denotes that you are a married woman.



6. Nose-Pin

This is another piece of jewellery that is considered important after wedding.



7. Engagement Ring

This resembles your love.



8. Bangles

This again represents that you are a married woman.



9. Payal/Anklet

Another jewel added to her kitty.


10. Bichiya/Toe Ring

This looks beautiful on her toes.



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