10 reasons for which every teenager hates mommy!!

Teenage is the best phase of life. When everyone makes castles in the air, loves being messy and listen loud music. This is the period of life when you have a new crush every day. Day dreaming is another thing going all day long. But generally, there are few things for which we hate our mom’s during teenage. Because what she expects and what we do are total opposites. So here is an interesting list of few most common activities for which we had hated our mom’s during teenage for sure.

1. Getting up late

This is the most common of all. Everyone loves waking up late in the morning and that is the most hated habits of mothers.



2. Food habits

Junk food is the favorite among teenagers. The yummy burgers, pizzas, pasta and all new different cuisines.

3. Comparing with others

Its the worst part when parents keep on comparing their children with others.


4. Following a routine

All the time most of the mum’s keep on asking their kids for making a time-table and follow a disciplined routine.


5. Being  Neat and tidy

Genarally teens like to be messy, which is cursed by mummy’s.

6. Doubting

No one likes to answer all those questions that are targeted over and over again.

7. Demotivation

Most mother’s go emotional and keep on demotivating their wards or keep on talking negative regarding their future/career.

8. Giving Space

At this age, teens need their own space and like to live with entire freedom.

9. Dominating Parents

Sometimes parents dominates their children, which is not much liked at this age.

10. Not being a friend

At this time of life, children need a friend more than a parent to share all their talks.



What is your reason, please add in comments. :)

Shruti Gupta

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