10 most needed things to complete your look!!

To complete your look, there are always few essentials and a few add-on’s. There are times when you are in a hurry and tend to forget some or the other things in this essential list. But these essentials are must and unavoidable. So, here is a list of these essential things that will complete your look at one go. This list goes from top to bottom. To attend an evening party or a date, these are the most basics.

1. Hair-do

A neat and tidy yet stylish and suitable hair-do that compliments your outfit is very important.




2. Earrings

Whether it is a pair of studs or danglers or the traditional “jhumkas”, you always have to take care of this must feature while getting ready.



3. A perfect Make up

You should never go to much messy or jazzy. The safest is a light and natural makeup that suits your face. Never experiment while going to parties. Choose a suitable lip color, an eyeliner, a mascara and a skin matching BB cream to tone your face. Don’t attempt much if you don’t know much. Simplicity is the best policy!!

4. Necklace

Wear a necklace that compliments your dress.



5. Dress

Choose a dress that goes with the theme of the party or that fulfills the purpose of the party.



6. Wrist Watch/ Bracelet

To compliment your look, this is another very important accessory. Select the one that goes with your attire.



7. Shades

Choose a perfect pair of shades that adds style to your face.



8. Perfume

Never forget to wear an attractive and sexy perfume.


9. Handbag/Purse/Clutch

To take care of your essentials and to carry your useful stuff, always take a clutch or a purse.



10. Shoes

Last but not the least, the most influential of all is a pair of classy shoes that goes apt with your attire.


Shruti Gupta

Her fondness for upcoming fashionistas and their state-of-the-art leads her as a columnist. She is always eager to know about forthcoming fashion designs and trends.A passionate scriber who loves playing with words She keeps experimenting with the content & is keen for excellence in her endeavor. Hence a voracious reader and a burgeoning writer.