10 most common superstitious beliefs that almost all Indians believe in

India is a land of different cultures, beliefs and people. With this comes various kinds of superstitious beliefs, that people follow and blindly believe in. There are many times when our parents and grandparents tell us not to do certain things without any factual reasons. And, we were bought up listening to a few of these superstitious beliefs and somehow, started believing in them unconsciously. Here are a few of the most common beliefs that are known and somewhere, believed by almost all of us. Have a look!

1. A black cat crossing your way

Billi rasta kaatna“, is one of the most common beliefs in India. And conflicting with that, in some of the countries, like Malaysia, cat is considered as a lucky charm by most of the Chinese people. According to the Indians, a cat crossing our way signifies that something bad is going to happen.




2. If someone sneezes when you are going out

If this disaster happens, lol, then you have to come back, sit for a while and go after a few seconds. According to some people, if someone sneezes when you step out of your house, then the job for which you are going will not be completed.



3. Shaking your legs while sitting

This is considered as bad luck when you shake your legs while sitting. This is a sign of misfortune entering your life.


4. The story behind the number 3

Teen tigada kaam bigada” is believed by most us. The number 3 is not considered lucky. So, we should never go out in a group of 3 or we should never get a number 3 in our sports or games and so on.


5. Not eating meat on “TUESDAY’S”

Tuesday is considered as the day of god “Hanuman”. So, no one eats non-veg food on this day. Except, Tuesdays people eat meat, but on this authentic day they don’t. Lol.


6. Not cutting nails and washing hair on “THURSDAY”

This will come under “Paap“(sin), if you wash your hair or cut nails on Thursday.

cutting-nailshair wash


7. Twitching of eye

Daai Aankh fadakna” is very inauspicious and is a sign of upcoming bad news.


8. Hiccups surely mean someone is remembering you

If someone is thinking of you, then you will get hiccups. So, they believe that your loved ones are thinking of you when you getting hiccups.


9. Hanging lemons and green chillies

People hang lemon and green chillies (“NIMBU- MIRCHI“) bundled together at the entrance of shops or on the number plate of big trucks. This is because hanging these will not bring bad luck to you.



10. A crow cawing at your window

If a crow is cawing at your window, this signifies that some guests will arrive at your house.



Don’t you think, we should think again before unconsciously following these?

Shruti Gupta

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