10 most basic things that every girl should carry in her purse!!

Handbags/purses play a vital role in every woman’s style statement. Every girl loves to carry the most stylish and fashionable handbag that goes with her outfit. No doubt, carrying a trendy purse adds glam to your attire. But at the same time, keeping the most essential and needful things in your closet is also very important. Definitely, this list is for handbags or purses, but not for the classy clutches that we use for evening parties. Clutches barely hold any stuff. So it’s best to carry a credit card along with your lipstick or gloss into a clutch, that’s it!! So here is the list of 10 most fundamental things that one should keep always with her. Here we go …

1. Basic touch up utilities/Lipstick/Gloss

This comes first in the list, as these are the most essentials. Wherever or whenever we go, it’s always best to carry or basic makeup things. Never forget to carry your lipstick, gloss, eyeliner/kaajal, compact, blush or any other thing which may be more vital to you as personal. These will save you at the times of malfunctions.




2. Mirror

It will be better to keep a compact mirror, so as to check for the last look before entering a party. Also, in case you need to check your makeup is proper or not, you can quickly review into your mirror.



3. Sunglasses

It’s good to carry your favourite goggles for a day-out. Generally, we tend to forget this one from our list. And then it becomes too messy to carry the handbag & at the same time, put the wrist up to shade the eyes.



4. Safety Pin

As the name suggests, this is good for our safety to put safety pins in the purse. Suddenly, there may be some freaky situation, when you see your shirt button is missing or maybe skirt is torn off from one side. So, for god sake, never ever forget to keep safety pins.


5. Sanitary Napkins/Tampons

Girls, this is again one of the uttermost things needed in your purse. Always be prepared for this one, as it’s better to be safe and not to get indulged in an obloquious situation. You might not need it at that time of the month, but still you should always play safe.


6. Cash/Wallet/Cards

Always keep cash or cards with you, so as to be intact. In any situation if your car got screwed up or your phone was stolen & you were not able to meet your friends, you have an option of hiring a taxi to reach home safely.



7. Hair ties/Hair brush/Comb

Never forget to keep a few of the baby pins, clutches, hair-bands in your purse. Whenever we feel exhausted, the first thing that comes the mind is to tie the hair up.



8. Baby Lotion

If you have a dry skin or even the normal one, at times due changes in weather, the skin tends to dry out. You might find some dry patches on your face or anywhere on the body which needs to be moisturized.Also, at times when we wash our hands after food, it’s good to moisturise hands in order to conserve the softness. So it will be great if we put a small bottle of baby lotion for such situations.



9. Wet Tissues/Packaged tissues

It’s always great to maintain hygiene and look clean & tidy. Whenever the face gets oily or maybe to look well-kept, you can swipe off a strip of this tissue and look radiant in seconds.



10. Headphones

It will be super cool if we have our headphones with us while we are stuck in a damn traffic or maybe while we are on a long ride or waiting for a friend at the restaurant. Listening to music is one of the best ways to calm down our souls.

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