10 Handbag styles that Kareena Kapoor loves to carry

The best accessory a girl carries with her is her “Handbag”. This defines her style and persona. Mostly, all the girls are big-time fans of Handbags. You are never tired of shopping for a handbag. There will always be different styles, colors, size and patterns of handbags that will attract you like anything. So girls, here are a few designs for you, which are most loved by “Bebo”. “Enjoy Shopping”!!

1. “The Royal Blue Love”

kareena bag



2. “The stylish Coperate girl”

kareena bag2


3. “Lady in Pink-Loved by all”

kareena bag7


4. “Out for a Movie”

kareena 5


5. “The confidence is within you”

kareena bag4


6. “Put the tantrums aside”

kareena bag6


7. “Going to work is Fun”

kareena bag3


8. “Those evening hangouts”

kareena bag9


9. “Out for a Date”

kareena bag8


10. “Shopping is so much Fun”

kareena bag2

Shruti Gupta

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