10 fascinating designs for decorating your kids room with their favourite Disney star theme!!

The bedroom is the only place where we feel absolutely secure and cushy. With comfortable beds in the room and the cozy feeling, everyone can get a sound sleep. Bedcover and an appropriate mattress plays a very prominent role in decorating the room and making it more relaxing. Kids are fond of Disney stars & will get more amazed, if their room is decorated on the theme of their favorite Cartoon character. Now-a-days, there are many beautiful decorative bed sheets and bed designs available in the market. Here is a collection of few exquisite rooms and bed designs for kids rooms that will fascinate everyone.

1. Frozen Theme

“Frozen” is the beloved of all the girls. Presently, “Frozen” is the favorite character amongst girl kids. They all love being dressed in that beautiful blue gown and what not, they just wish to get everything similar to the “Frozen” or everything in the theme of “Frozen”.


2. Spider-Man Theme

For the boys “Spider-Man” will be the best idea. They will enjoy going into bed with their favorite cartoon character.


3. Batman Theme

“Batman” is another loved character between the kids, especially boys.

batman bed batman

4. Captain America Theme

For all those kids who love “Captain America”.

captain america

5. Barbie Theme

This one is the best of all- “The cute Barbie theme”. All girls like Barbie’s, they will be amazed to see their rooms decorated in this theme.


6. Mickey Mouse Theme

The cute, adorable Disney will look perfect in your kids rooms. It makes the room more lively.


7. Winnie- The Pooh!!

The charming bear is loved by all and will give a kiddo look to the room.


8. Pikachu Theme

For all those naughty kids, who love jumping and playing on their beds with “Pikachu”.


9. Kitty Theme

This one is for all those “Hello Kitty” fans.


10. Donald Duck Theme

This is a lovely theme and looks very peppy.



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